Living Soil and Super Soil: What's the Difference?

Living Soil and Super Soil:  What's the Difference?

Living Soil is often called Super Soil, just to clarify, Super Soil is most often a reference to seed breeder SubCool's heavily amended soil. Amended soils normally are not great for clones or seed starting because they are often too “HOT” for Veg.

Great Lakes Water Only is a Living Soil.  This type of soil uses microbiology to break down amendments creating plant available nutrients for your plant’s roots as you water it, this gives you the ability to start seeds and clones without burning plants but can provide enough nutrients to feed your plants through the end of any bloom.

Knowing is Half the Battle!


  • Peter French

    You sold me your soil in Grand Rapids last May. It was my first grow, 3 in a tent and 3 outside (pots in the ground), all with your soil, and all Northern Lights from Robert Bergman. OMG. I will never use anything but DNC soil. It was an unbelievable grow. When I show pictures to people they think I am a seasoned grower. I owe a large part of my success to your dirt. I have 3 bags coming today for another inside grow. I don’t know why, I grew enough last summer to supply myself for life. Thank you, Peter.

  • James Duff

    When using Great lakes do you still have to feed Cal-meg?

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