The Autoflower Grower

The Autoflower Grower

     Upon deciding to grow cannabis as a form of medicine, I began to study the healthiest ways to grow.

     Having come to the conclusion that organically is about the only way to grow without just putting more poison into your body, I reached out to a couple different companies for info. DNC was the only one to respond with any info. So I felt they where the best company to go with. To me customer service tells me a lot about how someone runs their business. Long story short ol tom hooked me up with some dirt to try.

     I'm very interested in autos so figured I'd see how they do in the Great Lakes Water Only Soil.  So I chose to grow three different types of autos: two gorilla infested gelatos, a northern lights blue glue, and a blueberry x sour 60.
     Germinated them using the paper towel method as you can see.  Put them in their five gallon root pouches, with great lakes water only soil on March 1st.  Five days later and they're all sprouting and looking healthy.
     I plan on only using water and the DNC tea regimen throughout whole grow. Will keep you posted on how the autos are doing.

Update: Week 1

In week one I feel they are coming along nicely. Have been making sure edges against the pots  doesn't dry out too much to keep microbes alive.  I feel its just the nature of the pot (Root Pouch) though.  I like the feel and texture of this soil. Can definitely tell its just not peat and perlite.  I have not noticed any nute burn at all. I've noticed some people with this problem using the pre-mixed water only soils. Everything looks great so far.

                     Peace out

                         Mr.T buds

Update: Week 2

 In week two I feel they are coming along nicely.  Still haven't noticed any kind of nute burn or anything.  Planning on giving them their first tea next week. Have been watering only water from my sink that has been left out over night. I don't even own a ph or ppm meter.  That makes this soil perfect for someone such as myself who works and has kids.  I don't have time to check water ph up or down.  I fill a jug of water at least twenty four hours before I need it, and leave it setting out in same room so it will be room temperature.  Until next time keep your cannabis pure and clean .

                               Peace out

                                     Mr.T Bud

autoflower grower week 2


  • Dustin

    So…did the soil kill the autoflower or what?

  • Kimberly Holley

    Wheres the rest of the updates. It’s been 8 mos?

  • Dustin Little

    No more updates????

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