Inoculation Tea In One Minute

Inoculation Tea In One Minute

Worm Casting Inoculation Tea Adds Life to Your Garden

Huge populations of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes can be introduced to your garden through the use of vermicompost teas.

An Inoculation Tea is some worm castings rich with microbial life that is bubbled in an organic solution of dechlorinated water with other nutrients such as molasses.  The molasses is added to promote a population explosion in the bubbling tea.

Inoculation teas are especially beneficial to use after transplanting your plants.  The microbes introduced in your tea will "cook" the organic matter in your soil, making it readily available for uptake by the root system.  This eases your plants' transition to their new container.

Use your tea within a 24-36 hour window so that your microbes can process the nutrients in the soil and feed your plant.  

Follow along with the video below as Tommy shows you how easy it is to make a simple inoculation tea.

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