Detroit Nutrient Company has very humble roots.

We were founded in 2012 by Tommy Szot with the help of an old friend and mentor. The company started with the least sexy thing you can sell: Worm Castings.

We knew from the beginning that we had the inside track to the greatest organic amendments and that we could provide them to the people that needed them at a very good price because we weren't afraid of the hard work. The recession was just ending so any work we could find we were excited about.

We developed a lot of close relationships and won a lot of awards and at that point we decided to up the ante and release the very living soil we were using to win the awards and industry praise we were receiving.

We believe that there are many ways that are healthier and more productive to grow that the industry has ignored until very recently and we have been using those methods for decades.  

We like to develop ideas. Our goal is to never think we are an expert and never stop growing in our growing style. We have our two products and excellent third on the way very soon and we have grown every year and look to be continuing that trend.

We are just street guys trying to help everyone do it the easy way. We think quality is king and that it isn't medicine if it's not organic. 


Great Lakes Water Only is the start to finish soil for my garden. You just water it without the need to buy expensive bottled nutrients. Everything you need is in the bag for a beautiful garden!

Matt S.

I don't get excited for a lot of commercial products, but I just started using a Super Soil alternative called "Great Lakes Water Only" from Detroit Nutrients. 

You use it just like potting soil, not just in the bottom 1/3 of the pot. It has time release organics without the residual nitrogen.

Bill Farthing