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Injecting the Mushroom Magic Bag

Injecting the Mushroom Magic Bag

FAQ:  How to Inject the Mushroom Magic All in One Grow Kit


This video contains:  How to locate clean and sterilize room, locate injection port, inject spores. Note: DO NOT OPEN SEAL ON SUBSTRATE BAG during this portion. UV LIGHT HELPS BUT IS NOT REQUIRED, we use it as an added precaution to insure sterilization. A deep clean and bleach will suffice.

Note:  A transcript of the video is located below.


Video Transcript

Hey everybody this is Tommy with the Detroit Nutrient Company.  We're going to show you how to use the mushroom magic all in-one grow kit.  

Now we're in the bathroom.  We have bleached down every surface in the bathroom.  We've taken a bleach water spray and sprayed it in the air.

We have our agromax uv light.  We've plugged that in but we don’t want to turn it on because we have the spores in the room. But we plugged it in to hopefully kill off any mold spores inside the room.

Then we brought in our bag and our spores.

Now this is the box from fungi fungal as you can see we have the lot number on the outside and these stickers help us if there's ever a problem.  We're going to ask you for this lot number and that gives us an indication of what batch came out of so we can make sure it's not batch wide.  That's another step towards quality control.

We have the flush clip that comes in every box and this is for your second and third flush after you've already pulled some mushrooms out you'll be able to use this to close the bag back up.  Now we're not going to use this in this start of the part of the process so we'll set it off to the side.

When you open the bag you have an outside bag and then the mushroom magic bag itself.  When you take the outside bag off you have your instructions and you have your fungi fungal sticker. These instructions contain all the information that you need.  If you read the instructions you won't have to call me so I urge you please read the instructions carefully.

Now so you don't have to read the instructions I'm going to show you how to do this portion. We're going to pull our spore syringe out of our plastic.  We have our needle and pull that out of its container.

Again, I can't iterate enough to you how important it is to clean this entire room with bleach water and a sterile environment is going to help you towards success.

We have our needle for our spore syringe.  Open this up a little bit.  You want to get some airflow started behind your gas exchanger right here. We have an alcohol swab and we're going to open this guy up here.

Cleanliness is next to perfection in this portion of the cultivation. 

Wipe down the bag and the injection port with the alcohol swab. We're going to kill off anything that could be hanging around.  Get it nice and clean.

This black dot that is your self-healing injection port.  Now that we've cleaned off the port we're gonna set the bag down port side up.

Open a second alcohol swab and get this ready for our next step.  Just set it off to the side.

Now we'll pull our plastic cover off our spore syringe be very careful when you have an open needle.  Don't run with scissors go inside when it's raining and be careful around needles.  You don't want to prick yourself with this stuff you can get yourself sick or if you get air in your blood for god's sakes you could die so just be careful with the open syringe.

Take a little torch you can use a lighter or a dab torch and heat up your needle.  Now as you can see we've got it glowing red almost nice and hot.  All right see we got a glowing red. Set down your torch.  If you don't have a torch you can use a lighter.

Then you're going to cool that off with your alcohol swab. Get it nice and clean.  Do one more once over on the self-healing injection port then stick this into the self-healing injection port into the grain and inject 10 millimeters of spores.  Be careful not to disturb it too much.  But get it around that grain.

 Take this bag and put it in a room, a closet, a tent, wherever it’s completely dark and between 70 and 80 degrees for approximately 30 days until this whole portion of the bag turns white with mycelium and then you'll crunch it up and move into the flowering stage.

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Amy Clark - February 10, 2021

I just purchase the all in one bag. Received it today.
Where is the best place to find spore syringes? As the web page itself doesn’t even say a thing about it.
Thanks a bunch

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