Innoculation Tea in 5 Minutes

Innoculation Tea in 5 Minutes

What is an Inoculation Compost Tea?

An Inoculation-t is an AACT (Actively Aerated Compost Tea) that is specifically for use in veg.

Put a small amount of vermicompost (worm castings) in a bucket of water. Bubble air through the water with an air pump to pull beneficial microorganisms from the compost and give them air to breathe.

Then, add specific foods to feed and multiply the microbes. The resulting tea is applied to the garden.

An Inoculation Tea is great for plants in the vegetative state and promotes microbial life in your garden.  Microbes help to break down the nutrients in your soil for uptake by your plants.

If you don't have the equipment on hand to brew your own tea, don't worry!  Follow our guide to make your own brewer using easily available components.

Don't have 5 minutes?  Watch this 1 minute video on making Inoculation Tea instead.

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