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Great Lakes Water Only Soil

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Bag Size:  1 cubic foot

Great Lakes Water Only is an all-natural start-to-finish soil.  This living soil is water-only.  

From seed or clone until harvest, our patented blend of worm castings, steer manure, and chicken compost, along with our incredible list of high-quality amendments creates plant-available food at each stage of development.  For novice gardeners Great Lakes Water Only soil works perfectly.  Forget mixing chemicals and troubleshooting deficiencies!

For advanced organic gardeners, no-till gardeners, as well as probiotic farmers this living soil works great:  you can add teas, top dresses, and organic nutrients, if so desired.

An excellent medium for both indoor and outdoor grows.  Great Lakes Water Only creates high-yielding, vigorous, and healthy plants.

Introduce even more life to your garden through the use of compost teas.  During veg and bloom, teas are a great way to add microbial life which breaks down the nutrients in your soil.  

For more information check out these articles: Worm Compost Tea Workshop and Inoculation Tea in 5 Minutes

Great Lakes Water Only is best used for start to finish organic growing. Simply add your plant, seed, clone, or hot start and water.

The compost source is moisture retentive so be sure to lift your container to check dry weight, then be sure to check weight periodically to assure you do not water log your roots. If you see yellowing on sun-leaves near the end of bloom/flower portion of the plants life, this is just the plant using stored energy to build flower.  This is not a deficiency.

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